Animal feed

SOMDIAA keeps a portion of its by-product output for animal feed.

On the African continent livestock farming has developed rapidly. As a result, meat has become part of the traditional diet. Therefore, this industry needs to source suitable food items. That is why SOMDIAA produces about 15,000 tons of animal feed every year.


Wheat crushing as part of flour production yields by-products (about 20%) including bran, which is ideally suited for animal feed as it contains cellulose-based constituents (dietary fibers), proteins, minerals and vitamins.

In Gabon SMAG uses those by-products – bran, wheat shorts and wheat middlings as well as molasses (obtained from sugar cane processing)- in its cattle feed manufacturing plant. SMAG sells its product line to the poultry farming facilities of N’Koltang as well as to other poultry breeders, fish breeders, etc.

Dietary intake

SOMDIAA Group’s animal technicians and nutritionists create formulations with appropriate nutrient contents to keep animals healthy all the while making the most of their genetic potential.

They make sure that animal feed provides the required nutrient amounts (water, fat, carbohydrates, and mineral, nitrogen and vitamin concentrates) while guaranteeing mixture palatability. These safety measures help guarantee the quality of products meant for human consumption.



SMAG markets a large offering of livestock feed under the brand name ENERGIE PLUS.

SMAG is the only animal feed production business in Gabon. In order to meet the demand of a highly dynamic livestock farming market SMAG just invested to double its plant output capacity. It now has the capacity to produce 50,000 tons of animal feed every year vs. 25,000 tons in 2011 and less than 5,000 tons in 2004.

The ENERGIE PLUS product line meets the needs of different types of livestock farming practices and animals :

Livestock farming type Suggested formulation
Layer hens Chick (starting phase)
Pullet (growth)
Meat chicken Chick (starting phase)
Chicken (finishing phase)
Swine Piglet under 15 kg
Piglet between 15 and 22 kg
Grower pig
Brood sow
Suckling sow
Rabbits Rabbit
Chevaux Cheval