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Sucre Somdiaa

SOMDIAA Group produces and markets various types of sugar in Africa for consumers and agro-industrial businesses. Its expertise stretches from sugar cane farming all the way to sugar distribution and industrial transformation.

All sugars are made of 100% sugar cane. SOMDIAA Group sees to it that every applicable international food safety standard is rigorously complied with (traceability, physico-chemical and microbiological inspections).

Our sugar types

Brown and golden sugars

Brown sugar

This cane sugar, which is rough-crystallized, has a strong taste of molasses. Brown sugar is greatly valued by household consumers to sweeten hot drinks, yogurts and syrups.

Golden Sugar

Golden sugar, which is particularly appreciated for its warm color and exotic flavors, is used for infant food and baked goods, and by cafés, hotels and restaurants as well as biscuit and confectionary makers. Its taste evokes the very essence of sugar cane.

White sugar


Plantation white sugar

This white but unrefined cane sugar is appreciated for its strong sweetening power.

White cane sugar

White cane sugar is highly valued among consumers as well as among pastry makers and traditional product manufacturers for its post-crystallization sheen.

Crystallized sugar

Crystallized sugar is made from white refined sugar and is a gourmet sugar at its best. It is mostly used by consumers, pastry makers and traditional products manufacturers. Featuring a bigger grain size coarsed-grained crystallized sugar is much appreciated by the most demanding consumers. It is mostly used by consumers, traditional products manufacturer and confectionery makers.

Tip-Top refined sugar

This granulated sugar, a premium rough-refined granulated sugar, meets the exacting requirements of agro-industrial companies such as carbonated drink and beer makers.

Lumped Sugars


Lump Sugar

A great favorite among city dwellers, lump sugar, whether white or golden, is an ideal and convenient solution to sweeten drinks and dairy-based products.
It may also be used by traditional product manufacturers, who find it easy to measure the quantities used.

Sugar Loaves

A sugar loaf is mass-crystallized sugar obtained through a slow pan-cooling process in a cone-shaped form. It is sought for by nomad consumers for its long storage capacity and its convenient packaging.

Our African sugar brand : Princesse Tatie

History & philosophy


In 2008 SOMDIAA Group created the first African regional sugar brand : Princesse Tatie. This sugar brand is marketed in Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Ivory Coast, Gabon and the Central African Republic. Princesse Tatie is SOMDIAA Group’s assertion of African identity, taking great pride in producing a premium sugar that is 100% African.

Princesse Tatie reflects one of SOMDIAA Group’s core values, i.e. a drive to pursue excellence in terms of product quality. As such, SOMDIAA Group aims at developing a strong brand dedicated to promoting sugar produced and marketed in Africa in accordance with international standards.




Princesse Tatie products, which are only sold on African consumer markets, are available in all kinds of packages to meet market needs: single-dose packaging, loaves, lumps, 1-, 5-, 25- or 50-kg packaging.