Corporate responsibility

The SOMDIAA Group has demonstrated its commitment to corporate social responsability for all its companies since 2012 by formalising existing frameworks and alos by integrating social, corporate and environmental issues and priorities for the future into our processes

From the very outset the SOMDIAA Group has aimed to meet the challenges of industrialisation in primarily rural areas. The installation of agro-industrial complexes in these rural areas and the ensuing arrival of large numbers of workers created significant social requirements: accommodation, infrastructural considerations in terms of access to water, healthcare and education. A number of steps were implemented (building accommodation, healthcare access, infrastructure…) in compliance with the Group’s founding values as the notion of corporate social responsibility had not yet fully emerged.

The Group’s horizons have evolved enormously since these early days. Over time the Group’s development has been guided by both its strengths and its weaknesses and it is now focussing on assimilating all its challenges and priorities through its CSR framework in a dynamic of continual progress.