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Somdiaa RH Bureau

With 11 African and overseas subsidiaries SOMDIAA Groups has more than 13,000 employees, 99.5% of whom apply their skills in Africa, a continent growing ever younger, with undeniable resources and a promising future.

As a major economic player in Africa, the Group has always sought to implement a rewarding human resources policy focused on the following values :

  • Valuing every employee so they can develop on a personal level.
  • Providing employees with training opportunities for their continued growth.
  • Combining knowledge and know-how.
  • Valuing mutual respect and honoring individual differences to foster team spirit and collective efficiency.
  • Making sure that every employee is happy with being committed in the long term.

To us it is the essential equation to achieve operational excellence.

Joining the Group is entering a multicultural universe with strong values and a firm ethical commitment. Most of all, you will have the opportunity to show the extent of your skills and ambitions.

SOMDIAA core activity areas


Jobs related to agriculture are mainly provided by our sugar manufacturing businesses in Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, the Central African Republic, Chad, Togo and Congo.

Livestock farming

Jobs related to livestock farming are provided by our companies that own an animal feed production plant (essentially SMAG in Gabon). Skills in the area of animal nutrition and veterinary specialties are always in demand.

Somdiaa RH Labo


  • Sugar manufacturing business: sugar manufacturing plants are processing plants that account for most engineer positions, from mechanics to automation all the way to chemistry and sheet metal work.
  • Flour milling business : flour production requires the skills of miller managers and formulation specialists in order to meet the needs of SOMDIAA customers, independent of the variability in the types of wheat delivered.

Supply chain and logistics

Given the high number of positions in Central Africa the Group has a procurement department (commodities, material & equipment) as well as a logistics unit dedicated to Central Africa. Therefore purchaser and negotiator profiles are welcome.


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