Animal nutrition

A range of safe, reliable products and zootechnical performance monitoring for optimal results in animal farming

The constant increase in the demand for animal protein means that animal farming is a rapidly developing sector across Africa. These markets, which are still in the very early stages of development, need to be supported both in terms of the product offer and the services available to them.

It is in this context that the SOMDIAA group, supported by their technical partner MIXSCIENCE, is focusing on animal nutrition to underpin their strategic development, providing farmers and local feed producers (fodder suppliers) with:

  • High quality finished products (complete nutrition and concentrated nutrition solutions)
  • A support service as well as consultancy and personalized monitoring

By offering this range of services, the SOMDIAA Group aims to position itself as a key player in the development of the animal farming sector in the various countries in which the Group is active.

Local optimisation of available raw materials

In line with its mission, the SOMDIAA Group strives to optimise locally available raw materials in the production of the feed and products it sells. This objective results in the use of by-products from its agro-food industries:

  • Wheat bran and middlings for mills,
  • Molasses for sugar refineries.

The feed formulas also include locally-grown raw materials that provide the energy and protein required to ensure the nutritional optimisation of the product range: maize and derivatives, soya, groundnut, cotton and palm kernel meal.

Oyster shells collected along the shoreline are processed and added to the formulas to provide a source of calcium.

The benefit of this local production of animal feed in a market that is dominated by imports ensures that farmers and fodder suppliers have access to:

  • Fresh products that are made to order and are unaffected by transport and storage,
  • Products that can be adapted depending on the price and availability of the raw materials used by the animal farmers.
  • Customized formula composition depending on farming contexts.

Nutritional Intake

Since 2014, the SOMDIAA Group has been working in close collaboration with MIXSCIENCE, innovators in animal nutrition and production expertise (, to create formulas that reflect the nutritional requirements of different species at each physiological stage of animal development in order to maximise their genetic potential.

The teams of zootechnicians and nutritionists at SOMDIAA ensure that the feed on offer contains all of the animals’ nutritional requirements whilst making sure that the mixes remain palatable. Easily digested raw materials are prioritised over others. The SOMDIAA Group production units offer safe and reliable ranges of complete and concentrated feed solutions to optimise the technical performance of animals.



The SMAG markets a wide range of complete nutrition solutions for all types of farm found in Gabon under the brand name ENERGIE PLUS.

The SMAG is the only animal feed factory in Gabon. In response to a highly dynamic animal farming market, the SMAG doubled its production capacity in 2015. It is now able to produce 50,000 tonnes of animal feed per year, as opposed to 25,000 tonnes in 2011 and less than 5,000 tonnes in 2004.



The ENERGIE PLUS range is available in a variety of formulas that correspond to different types of farm and animal:

Type of farm Formula available
Poules pondeuses Chick
Broiler hens Starting
Pigs Piglet 1st development stage
Piglet 2nd development stage
Pig during fattening stage
Gestational sow
Lactating sow
Rabbits Rabbit
Horses Horse

In 2016 the SMAG produced nearly 30,000 of nutritionally complete feed, of which more than 20,000 tonnes were sold to farmers in Gabon, whilst the remaining 10,000 tonnes were consumed at the Nkoltang production site.


Logo-SCEP-SOMDIAAThe Société Camerounaise pour l’Elevage et la Provende (Cameroonian Company for Animal Farming and Feed Supplies) markets a range of concentrated nutrition solutions to feed suppliers and farmers of laying hens, broilers and pigs across Cameroon. Feed which is rich in minerals, vitamins and other added substances forms the basis of the complete nutrition given to animals.



The SCEP range offers a variety of concentrated feedstuffs which means each farmer or feed supplier can create one or more nutritionally complete solutions:

Type of farm Formula available
Laying hens Starter pullets
Growing pullets
Start of lay
End of lay
Broiler hens Unique hen
Pigs Pig

Established in Douala in 2014, the production unit now produces nearly 2,000 tonnes of concentrated feed each year, which equates to a consumption rate of 30,000 tonnes of complete feed for farmers.

Supporting Farmers

The safe and reliable formulas on offer can only confer their best potential when fundamental animal farming techniques are strictly adhered to.

Thus, it is essential that many other variables, such as water quality, availability of necessary equipment, atmosphere in the farm buildings, feed distribution methods and the quality of grinding and traceability of raw materials for farmers mixing formulas on site and for feed suppliers, are all carefully monitored in order to optimise client performance.

To assist in this the SOMDIAA Group technical sales teams, working in the field alongside farmers, provide customized support and high-quality technical consultancy in order to support farmers on a daily basis in improving the technical and economic performance of their farms. Technical results and health and safety practices are therefore subject to regular monitoring and constant attention.