A diverse offering produced in keeping with the food traditions of every country where SOMDIAA Group operates.

SOMDIAA Group produces and markets a large selection of flours and bakery products.
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The most widely used flours are soft wheat flour and wheat flour.
Different types of wheat flour are available according to their use :


Bread flours

Bread flours meet the specific needs of bakers for bread production. They are marketed under the brand names Le Coq in Gabon, La Boulangère in Cameroun and La Lorraine on the Reunion Island.

Doughnut flours

Doughnut flours are used by doughnut makers who have specific requirements, especially in terms of density or oil and water absorption.

They are marketed under the brand names Gato in Gabon and Duo in Cameroun.


Viennese pastry flours

Viennese pastry flours are marketed under the brand name Panthère in Gabon.

Household flours

Household flours are designed for common domestic uses such as cake or pie making or for the finest delicacies. They are marketed under the brand names Fleur de Farine in Gabon and on the Reunion Island, and La Française in Cameroon.



In an effort to diversify its offering SOMDIAA Group also provides a line of ready-to-use composite flours through its COGEDAL subsidiary to facilitate special bread making including :

  • Kebab bread
  • Rye bread
  • Whole meal bread
  • French country-style bread
  • Multigrain bread