SOMDIAA Group subsidiaries sell all of their products exclusively on their domestic markets.

Distribution channel knowledge

SOMDIAA has in-depth knowledge of the various distribution channel players on the sugar and flour markets and works directly with each of them, whether they are multiproduct wholesalers, semi-wholesalers (stores or specialists), large-scale retailers or small retailers (points of sale).

SOMDIAA provides them with a product offering that meets their requirements in terms of packaging for in-store warehousing as well as prices, payment terms, etc.

Distribution is organized as follows :

  • On most SOMDIAA markets: long channel going through intermediaries before reaching end-consumers.
  • On the Gabonese market, which is more mature: shorter channel going from sugar manufacturing plants directly to supermarkets.

Market responsiveness

SOMDIAA strives to enhance the value of finished products by leveraging its “product mix”. To that end, its subsidiaries provide packaging solutions tailored to various customer segments and distribution channels all the while making sure to maintain consistency among marketing units.

From the perspective of brand development SOMDIAA also applies its communication strategy on domestic markets and to the nature of the relevant distribution networks.

Optimizing the supply chain and product availability

In order to ensure product availability for each identified segment and zone SOMDIAA has developed methods aiming at making logistics as easy as possible.

This mainly involves promoting means of transportation that are best suited to ensure regular supply and meet the specific needs of each market, e.g. railways and covered train cars whenever possible, or road transportation when appropriate.