Poultry farming

The leader in poultry farming in Gabon, the SMAG shares its expertise with local farmers, thereby contributing to the continued development of a robust national poultry industry.

Poultry farming with SOMDIAA

Through its subsidiary, SMAG, the SOMDIAA Group has developed (SMAG) modern poultry farming in Gabon that aims to make high-quality products available on the market whilst complying with the strictest of animal health requirements. The SMAG produces and sells more than 40 million eggs each year and has a hatchery with a hatching capacity of up to 350,000 chicks per year. The company therefore significantly contributes to the autonomy of the national poultry industry and can protect against the risk of disruption to supply.
In addition to the chicks raised for laying purposes, the SMAG is now also hatching chicks to be raised for meat in order to better respond to the diversification of national poultry production requirements

Strict compliance with biosecurity rules

The SMAG production is committed to animal well-being, product quality and health and safety controls supported by veterinary prevention programmes and regular screening and testing.
Its production policy is based on:

Biosecurity in poultry farming

The Nkoltang poultry farm, more than 30km from Libreville, is ideally situated as it is isolated from other poultry farms.

The two sites, the “commercial” farming site and the breeding site, are fully enclosed and independent in order to minimise the risk of external contamination.

Animal well-being

In egg production (for consumption and for hatching), healthy animals ensure a quality product. Facilities are therefore maintained at the highest possible level to ensure optimal living conditions for the poultry and adhere to the most restrictive regulations in terms of animal well-being (open buildings, animal density per cage, site maintenance…).

Product quality and traceability

To ensure that only high quality eggs are produced, prevention programmes and disease screening and testing are rigorously carried out in compliance with European standards, particularly with regard to the tests that guarantee the absence of chemical residues and certify microbiological quality.
In addition, the boxes and alveoli are dated to ensure that consumers receive optimal standards in terms of quality and food safety.

Day-old chicks are produced in a modern hatchery that complies with international standards and exacting operating standards in order to provide the most professional poultry farmers with a product that meets their requirements in terms of quantity and quality. To achieve this, the SMAG automatically vaccinates all 7,500 chicks that hatch each week.

Sharing expertise with local poultry farmers

Developing the poultry production industry in the Gabon

The SMAG is the leading poultry farmer in the Gabon thanks to its complete product offer range:

  • poultry feed (sold under the brand name Energie Plus),
  • day-old chicks,
  • tools and equipment,
  • services for poultry farmers (consultancy services, support and training particularly in terms of organisation, health and safety and environmental monitoring of poultry farms).

SMAG will continue to support and promote the further professional development of the poultry farming industry, which is a significant task, with the aim of creating a highly-productive industry in Gabon. The route to succeeding in this goal necessarily includes offering poultry farmers technical support and advice:

  • poultry farm performance monitoring and nutritional advice using customized tools
  • assistance with the implementation of good practice in poultry farming (management, hygiene conditions…)
  • help with marketing and commercialisation

To achieve this all staff at the SMAG undergo regular training in the latest innovations in poultry rearing and animal health, on site, in Africa or in Europe.