"La marque de fabrique du groupe SOMDIAA, c'est la proximité." Alexandre Vilgrain, PDG de SOMDIAA
  • Chief Executive Officer Alexandre Vilgrain, Somdiaa

    Alexandre Vilgrain

    Alexandre Vilgrain has been running SOMDIAA Group since 1995. He was appointed as Chief Executive of the Group to succeed his father Jean-Louis Vilgrain. As such he now chairs all SOMDIAA subsidiaries and holds various offices within other companies (CARE, SIDA Entreprises). As a key witness to economic changes in Africa and head of a leading group in the agro-food sector on the continent, Alexandre Vilgrain was entrusted to chair the Conseil Français des Investisseurs en Afrique (CIAN) in 2009.

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  • Deputy Managing Director Benoît Coquelet Somdiaa

    Benoît Coquelet

    Benoît Coquelet has been SOMDIAA’s Deputy Managing Director since 2002 and also serves on the Board of Directors of most of the Group’s subsidiaries (SOSUCAM, SUCAF Ivory Coast, SUCAF Central African Republic, SUCAF Gabon, CST, SARIS, SMAG, SGMC and COGEDAL). He also chairs the Board of Directors of SOMINFOR, an IT subsidiary specialized in the development of management firmware and serving the IT needs of the Group.
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