Our values

It is essential for us to go beyond the standards in terms of Quality, Health and Safety at Work and Environment.

Right from the very start the SOMDIAA Group has evolved “in Africa for Africa”, basing its development on the values that are intrinsically its own and which have forged its identity and culture.

Playing a role in ensuring the continual supply of basic foodstuffs to local markets is a commitment and a responsibility to consumers.

The Group’s persistence and dedication over the last fifty years has enabled it to acquire a unique understanding of the African agri-food industry. Combined with a managerial culture that is both dynamic and appreciative, these human values form the very foundations of the SOMDIAA Group.

The constant quest for high performance, in both agriculture and industrial techniques commits the SOMDIAA group to impeccable levels of service in terms of its staff, clients and suppliers, with an emphasis on respect, listening and dialogue thanks to an awareness of the wealth of cultural diversity which forms the landscape if which the Group continues to evolve.

Teams are predominantly guided by the need to satisfy the requirements and expectations of local consumers and in compliance with its mission statement, the SOMDIAA Group constantly strives to further improve the quality of commercialised end products, most notably through commitments to quality, safety, environment and CSR measures.

If the SOMDIAA Group has been able to maintain long-term and sustainable growth, this is in part due to its commitments on a local level in each of the countries in which it is active and its respect for the local population and its employees and partners. The Group is keen to develop synergies on a local scale and focuses on the training of its human resources and the development of local business owners.

By embracing these values, the SOMDIAA Group pursues its aim to create ever more value across the spectrum of its agri-food activities, which include sugar, flour, eggs and animal feed.

Its ability to dream and to innovate has stayed intact with the passing of time and characterizes its very DNA.