Agribusiness in Africa for Africa

SOMDIAA (Société d’Organisation de Management et de Développement des Industries Alimentaires et Agricoles) is a major player in the agro-food industry in Africa. It mainly produces and markets sugar and flour products but also eggs and animal feed, in Africa and for Africa. Its corporate headquarters are located in Paris but all its operations (crop farming, livestock farming, production, distribution and marketing) take place in Central Africa, West Africa and in the Indian Ocean region.

SOMDIAA, a major employer in Central

Following the retirement of Alexandre Vilgrain, the SOMDIAA Group is managed by Olivier Parent. Boasting a management culture built upon the personal development and professional growth of its 15,000 employees the Group fosters employee training and contributes to the continent’s economic and social growth, thus playing an active role as a major private employer, especially in Central Africa.

Africa, SOMDIAA Group’s continent at heart

As SOMDIAA Group values its historical presence in Africa it concentrates its operations and develops its activities on the continent through its subsidiaries in Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, the Central African Republic, Gabon, Chad, Togo and the Reunion Island. Their products are only intended to be sold on local markets and benefit all people and industrial customers (confectioners, cookie makers, industrial bakers, beer makers, etc.) in the regional zones where the Group operates (CEMAC, UEMOA and Indian Ocean region).

Quality-oriented approach and stringent industrial process

With over 50 years’ operational experience SOMDIAA Group has become a benchmark for product quality as well as industrial process and safety standards, which the Group keeps improving.

Moreover, SOMINFOR provides every SOMDIAA Group subsidiary with high-performance and secure hardware equipment as well as state-of-the-art IT tools.

In 2019 SOMDIAA Group generated €558 million in total sales.