Société Agricole de Raffinage Industriel du Sucre du Congo


SARIS Congo was created in 1991 after SIAN, whose first sugar harvest dates back to 1966, was privatized. SARIS Congo owns a 48,910-acre franchise, which includes a 29,651-acre sugar cane field.

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Geographic Location

SARIS Congo is based in the Department of Bouenza, halfway between Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville via the Chemin de Fer Congo Océan (CFCO) railway line. It is bounded on the north side by the Niari River, on the east side by the village of Dakar and on the west side by Loudima Train Station.

Finding SARIS

Key figures

Output capacities

The Moutéla plant boasts a grinding capacity of 5,000 tons of sugar canes per day throughout its harvest spanning from June to November, i.e. an annual output production of about 70,000 tons of sugar.

Most of that sugar is sold on the Congolese market whereas its excess production can be sold on sub-regional markets in order to meet local demand.


Core activities

  • Sugar cane farming
  • Golden sugar and refined sugar production
  • Lump sugar production

Other activities

Limestone crushing plant

In 2007, SARIS acquired a limestone crushing plant located in Madingou, 18.5 miles from N’Kayi. This plant produces limestone powder for sugar cane field soil improvement as well as gravel for the civil engineering market.

Corn and soy project

SARIS wishes to participate in the development of village-based corn and soy farming near the sugar cane area in order to foster their industrial development. SARIS Congo started to grow local and hybrid varieties that will help determine the most optimal ones for the SARIS environment.

The SARIS sugar brand

Since 2010, SARIS has marketed its sugar products under the brand name Princesse Tatie. This mass-produced ready-to-eat sugar is put in appropriate, convenient and attractive packages.


As a supplier of raw material for Coca-Cola SARIS Congo meets the most stringent food safety standards for sugar producers.

Development projects


In 2007, SARIS launched a sugar cane variety selection program working with seeds stemming from the hybridization unit on the Reunion Island. As a result, every year, SARIS has introduced 4 000 new varieties that are tested and selected through a 12-year selection scheme.

GPS guidance for farming machines

SARIS has modernized its farming approach and embraced a state-of-the-art technology: GPS guidance for farming machines. 25 drivers have been trained to that new tool, which is a step forward in responsible farming.

Environmental initiatives

Since 2007, SARIS has planted over 12,000 eucalyptus trees across its land with a view to fostering quick reforestation on neighboring lands.

Legal information

Congolese law corporation set up in 1991 with a capital of CFA15,200,000,000 (EUR223,172,251)
Corporate headquarters : BP 71  N’KAYI – Republic of Congo