Société Meunière et Avicole du Gabon


The Libreville milling plant was created in 1968 and was subsequently extended several times. Today it is a large scale milling complex featuring a new animal feed production plant.
The N’Koltang livestock farming site was built in 1980 south of Libreville. Eggs and day-old chicks are produced on this site, and packaged and marketed from Libreville.

Finding SMAG

Key figures

Output capacities :

The output capacity is 340 tons of wheat per day, yielding 106,000 tons of ground wheat every year with the following annual production figures :

  • 85,000 tons of flour
  • 19,000 tons of animal feed
  • 40 million eggs
  • 350,000 day-old chicks

Storage capacity :

  • 13,800 tons of storage capacity in silos

The construction of additional storage silos is planned over the next few years, bringing total storage capacity to 20,000 tons of grain.


  • Milling plant : flour and livestock feed production and marketing
  • Poultry farming : egg and day-old chick production

Other SMAG activities :

Day-old chick production and marketing :

Since 2011, SMAG has produced day-old chicks in Gabon to meet its layer hen farming needs as well as its livestock farming customers. Its output capacity is about 350,000 chicks. Thus it is now possible to launch a livestock farming business in Gabon with SMAG’s production.

The goal is to create a central hub for livestock farming in Gabon, which automatically implies the professionalization of the livestock business so as to enhance its performance.

The SMAG brands

SMAG produces two types of flour, i.e. bread flour and pastry flour, and markets them under the following brand names :

  • GATO for doughnut flour
  • BOULANGERE for bread flour
  • Its eggs are sold under the brand name COCO N’TO.
  • As regards animal feed SMAG markets its production under the brand name ENERGIE PLUS.

Legal information

Gabonese law corporation set up in 1969, located in Libreville, with a capital of CFA4,000,000,000 (EUR6,097,961)
Corporate headquarters : BP 462 – Libreville – Gabon