SOMINFOR provides next generation IT hardware and develops software programs tailored to the needs of its customers, mainly SOMDIAA Group internal customers.


With a team well versed in all aspects of computer science SOMINFOR (Société d’Organisation Méthodes et Informatique) is committed to analyzing the needs of the various subsidiaries of the Group and to addressing them promptly.

SOMINFOR is a 99.76%-owned subsidiary of SOMDIAA Group.


Creating and developing package software

SOMINFOR continuously develops management and reporting package software solutions that are critical to business operations. Those projects aim at meeting the needs of the subsidiaries and of the Corporate Office in order to optimize company tools.

The SOMINFOR software development teams focus on projects including the following :

  • Developing an automatic reordering management module.
  • Developing a CAMM (Computer-Assisted Maintenance Management) module.
  • Developing new versions for business management, payroll and personnel management applications.
  • Implementing the electronic document management system across all Group companies.
  • Implementing new communication tools, which implies installing systems such as voice-over-IP telephone services, instant messaging or video-conferencing with optimized bandwidth management over several continents. To that end, SOMINFOR relies on specialized partners in the telecom and high-tech areas.

Intranet management

SOMINFOR is also in charge of the SOMDIAA Group Intranet site. The Intranet site makes it possible for each employee to share information in real time with all key players within the Group. It is user-friendly and helps disseminate information to teams scattered over several continents on a continuous basis, thus fostering enhanced responsiveness.

Thanks to an ongoing monitoring program, innovating solutions are regularly introduced to improve system performance. The latest Intranet version implemented in 2010 brings a modern and intuitive interface. Its ergonomics have been completely revised and the site now features a customizable workspace with a browsing system providing access to the pieces of information that each user uses the most.

Managing consistent and secured hardware equipment

This all would not be possible without a diversified, innovating and reliable hardware offering facilitated by a dozen IT engineers, two IBM Blade I-Series computers and an RMX 200 multipoint platform for about 900 users. For this, SOMINFOR centralizes purchasing operations by ensuring efficient and consistent hardware equipment with quality cost-optimized products.

Lastly, SOMINFOR is accountable for the Group’s computer network security. Most of the Group’s businesses now have contingency backup communication equipment.

Legal Information

French law corporation set up in 1986, located in Paris, with a capital of EUR 1.000.000
Corporate headquarters : 39 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau – 75001 Paris