Sucrerie Africaine du Gabon


SUCAF Gabon was set up after SOSUHO was privatized and has been part of SOMDIAA Group since 2010.
SUCAF Gabon is unique in running fully mechanized plantations and crops.

Geographic Location

SUCAF Gabon is located in Ouéllé near Franceville and Moanda.

Finding SUCAF Gabon


  • Sugar cane planting and farming
  • Sugar production and marketing


Key figures

  • 10,872 acres of harvested land
  • 280,000 tons of sugar canes produced every year, yielding 26,400 tons of sugar

In 2011, the sugar manufacturing plant ran a record harvest of 26,850 tons.

SUCAF GABON sugar product offering :

  • 7-g single portion packages of white and brown sugar
  • 1-kg packages of white and brown sugar
  • 1-kg boxes of white and brown lump sugar
  • 50-kg bags of refined and brown sugar


SUCAF GABON : Gabonese law corporation set up in 1998 with headquarters in Franceville and a capital of CFA14,250,000,000 (EUR9,518,093)

Corporate headquarters : Quartier SOSUHO – BP 610 – Franceville – Gabon
Phone : (241) 04 25 63 31 /04 25 56 71